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How We Do Business

Firstly, we feel that it is important to mention the fact that the words that you are about to read in this website have not been put together by an outside PR agency or some third party - instead they have been written by us, straight from the heart. We therefore apologize in advance that there are no gimmicks or particularly fancy words, but what you read is in fact a true reflection of how we operate, how we do business and what you will get if you deal with us!!

By simply focussing on paint on this website we would probably miss the point. Modern coatings form only a small part of the successful relationship that HMG strives to achieve. In this electronic brochure we would like to demonstrate the ideas and passions that are binding the excellent products that we make, for whilst the names of the products that we supply may change rapidly, over time the underlying foundations are as firm as ever.

Whilst of course excellent paints and surface coatings are the lifeblood of our success, we believe that there is more to it than that, a lot more! We will shed some light on important questions concerning partnership development, how a family business can compete with a global multinational and even why toast is such an important part of the HMG set-up!!