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HMG Portfolio

Arts & Craft Product Range

Virtually from its outset in 1930, HMG started producing surface coatings and adhesives for the Arts & Crafts Industry. HMG’s extensive product range has been carefully crafted and refined over this time and is manufactured specifically to satisfy the highly specialised demands and expectations of our Arts & Crafts customers. We can supply off the shelf materials or customise our products to meet individual requirements, without the need for any compromise. Our Aerotube Department takes a proactive part in this business area and plays a fundamental role in our ability to provide our customers with a range of innovative products and packaging solutions.

Single Pack Topcoat

C71 Speedline

A high quality '2 hour' Synthetic Alkyd Enamel.

C71 200 Series Colours TOPC71200COL            
C71 40% Gloss Blue L22267 TOPL22267            
C71 40% Gloss Blue L22268 TOPL22268            
C71 40% Gloss Blue L22271 TOPL22271            
C71 40% Gloss Blue L25785 LF TOPL25785            
C71 40% Gloss Green L22269 TOPL22269            
C71 40% Gloss Grey L22279 TOPL22279            
C71 40% Gloss L25846 LF TOPL25846            
C71 40% Gloss Red L22270 TOPL22270            
C71 Speedline Aluminium TOPC71ALM            
C71 Speedline Black TOPC71BLK            
C71 Speedline Clear TOPC71CLE            
C71 Speedline Colours TOPC71COL            
C71 Speedline Double Stength Colours TOPC71COLDB            
C71 Speedline Double Strength Red / Maroon TOPC71REDDB            
C71 Speedline Double Strength White TOPC71WHTDB            
C71 Speedline Metallics TOPC71MET            
C71 Speedline Red / Maroon TOPC71RED            
C71 Speedline White TOPC71WHT            
Railmatch Satin 275 DBS Red TOPHOW2275            
Railmatch Satin 275 DBS Red TOPHOW275            
Railmatch Satin 276 DBS Grey TOPHOW276            
Railmatch Satin 276 DBS Grey TOPHOW2276            

Clear Shrinking Dope

HMG Clear Shrinking Dope is a traditional nitrocellulose (nitrate) dope for application to fabric, paper and other coverings used in the modelling field.

Shrinking Dope Clear TOPSHRINK            
Shrinking Dope Colours TOPDOPCOL            

MB162 CB311

A range of coloured pigmented and stained finishes for application to difficult substrates including glass, polished metals, and various plastics.

MB162 Cellulose Glass Lacquer LACGLSMB162            

VHT Stoving Enamels

A Silicone Modified Polyester Stoving Enamel with outstanding resistance to yellowing and film breakdown at high temperatures.

VHT Black TOPVHTBLK            
VHT Clear TOPVHTCLE            
VHT Colour TOPVHTCOL            
VHT Red TOPVHTRED            

Waterborne LMP

A 1K Acrylic offering excellent drying charcteristics.

LMP Water-Based Black TOPLMPBLK            
LMP Water-Based Clear TOPLMPCLE            
LMP Water-Based Clear RFU TOPLMPCLERFU            
LMP Water-Based Colours TOPLMPCOL            
LMP Water-Based Fluorescent TOPLMPFLR            
LMP Water-Based Luminous TOPLMPLUM            
LMP Water-Based Metallics TOPLMPMET            
LMP Water-Based Red TOPLMPRED            
LMP Water-Based White TOPLMPWHT            

Single Pack Primer / Filler / Sealer

Cellulose Sanding Sealer

A traditional Cellulose based Basecoat / Sealer for use on wood and veneer.

Cellulose Sanding Sealer PRISANSEA            

Single Pack Thinner / Reducer

Thinner 2681

Thinner 2681 has been specially formulated for use in Flexithane/Flexibuild.

Thinner 2681 TNR2681            

Single Pack Mixing Scheme

C71 Speedline Resin

Used as part of the HMG Synthetic Mixing Scheme in combination with HMG Synthetic Double Base Tints and Zircon Driers.

C71 Speedline Resin TOPCORMIX8