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A 2K Polyurethane coating offering ultimate levels of: Weathering, colour retention, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, wide ranging chemical resistance. N.B. Supersheen is a reduced gloss version of Superthane. For a Full Gloss see Superthane Technical Data Sheet. Supersheen offers the highest quality finish on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, concrete, asbestos, fibreglass etc, and finds use in applications such as Ship Superstructures, Bridges, Aircraft, High Quality Structural Steelwork, Food Storage Warehouses, Abattoirs, Hospital, all structures in chemical or abrasive environments, Railway Rolling Stock, Road Tankers, High Quality Commercial Vehicles, Building Facings. Protection of bright metal surfaces can also be carried out using Clear Supersheen. Supersheen is finding increased popularity in refinishing in all the previously mentioned fields. In most cases all that is necessary on previously painted surfaces, is to flat down and apply either Uniblok Sealer or HMG Washfiller and then apply the Supersheen system in the normal recommended manner. Supersheen is a fairly slow drying system, being dust free in 2 - 4 hours; firm dry in 24 hours; fully cured in 5 days @ 20ºC. It can be subjected to normal exposure to the atmosphere after reaching the firm dry stage, i.e. 24 hours after the application of the final coat, but must be allowed at least 5 days to cure when subjected to chemical or harsh abrasive conditions.


1901 Hull tram livery back on track

1901 Hull tram livery back on track

HMG Paints restore old tram livery through colour matching expertise

Knowledge Base

Theoretical Coverage Chart

Theoretical Coverage Chart

The following chart gives a theoretical coverage in square metres per litre, based on volume solids. The theoretical coverage is an approximate calculation only, as in 'real life' situation, transfer efficiencies vary between 50-80%. The use of HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) equipment correctly adjusted will always improve transfer efficiency.

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HMG Paints has a vast product portfolio which covers a wide variety of industries, our products are supplied across the globe.
These materials range from standard to highly specialised, superior performance products, but all have one thing in common, they are backed by the enthusiasm and passion that HMG has for producing the highest quality finishes, with the best possible service and technical know-how.
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Our Story

HMG Paints Historical Images

Established in 1930 HMG has grown to become the UK’s Largest Independent Paint Manufacturer. Offering innovative and compliant paints and powder coatings to a variety of markets all backed up with outstanding technical support and customer service.

For this HMG have accepted numerous awards such as the UK Coatings Care award and were the first independent UK Paint Company to be awarded British Standards quality BS5750 (FM1524). HMG’s Head office and primary manufacturing plant is based in Manchester, UK.

Specialising in bespoke product development and manufacturing we have a large product portfolio including wet paint, powder coatings and aerosols. Employing specialists in all areas of pre-treatment, equipment and application of surface coating products.

HMG are proud to work alongside our customers and our customers business is important to HMG. We supply market leading products into a number of market sectors, notably Commercial Transport, OEM, Industrial, Bus & Coach, Civil Engineering & Construction, Light Industry, Model & Hobby trade and Speciality Automotive Finishes. With an excellent record of support and service, demonstrated by long term uninterrupted partnerships.

HMG Paints Historical Image

HMG take pride in strong family values and that is shown in the atmosphere across the company. We create unique relationships with worldwide technical and manufacturing partnerships and continue to be proud of our culture, our team and our community responsibilities exemplified by being one of the first to sign up to the Government Skills Pledge.

With our pride comes responsibility and a genuine care. Customers of HMG can expect that we will be satisfied with nothing less than excellence and we will work with our customers to achieve this.

We are proud of the fact that our products are designed to evolve along with the businesses with whom we work.

Find a Distributor

Find your Distributor

Use our interactive map to find your nearest Distributor. The HMG Paints Distributors provide a wide selection of HMG Products and colour matching services all backed up with hands-on, professional techincal support.

Knowledge Base

HMG Paints Technicl Helpline

The HMG Knowledge Base is full of informative articles however if you have a technical query about any of our products then don't hesistate to contact our Technical Support Team on 0161 277 8164.


Throughout our history our coatings have been used on a huge variety of substrates. Our products can be seen across numerous markets worldwide from Euro Disney to space rockets! Below are just a few examples of why HMG Paints truly is:

"One name that covers everything"

Advanced Paint Colour Design and development for leading automotive OEM's'

Advanced Colour Design


Development of a unique colour for the launch of the Jaguar CX-17 SUV concept.

Decorative coatings for award winning buildings to living room walls

Decorative Coatings

Manchester Central Library

Decorative Coatings supplied for the £48million refurbishment of Manchester Central Library.

Paints for film and tv productions.

Film Production

Aardman Animations

Supply of coatings for the Aardman Animations & Sony Pictures film Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists.

Technical Partnership with world famous motor sports companies including Prodrive / Aston Marting Racing

Technical Partner


Supplying advanced coating solutions to Aston Martin Racing & Mini WRC as a Technical Partner to Prodrive

A versatile paint range for agricultural machinery, from trailer bodies to carrot pickers.


Trailer Bodies

From harvesters to large trailers we offer a portfolio of agricultural products.

Paint for model makers and miniature hobbyists, pot sizes from 12mls


Model Paints

Since 1930 HMG has proudly supplied the model, arts and craft industry. Offering a wide range of paints and adhesives.

Specialist glues and adhesives for the museum, heritage and restoration projects.

Heritage and Restoration


Our range of adhesives are used in museums and archaelogical sites across the globe for the restoration of priceless artefacts.

Special effect Powder Coatings including Candy, Sparkling and metallic.

Alloy Wheels

Signature Finish

HMG Paints Signature Finish Range is a unique range of special effects powder coatings.

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