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Nisocoat 2, a new non-isocyanate acrylic coating, which offers similar technical performance to 2-pack polyurethane finishes, with none of the health and safety concerns associated with isocyanates.

26/07/2011 08:46:54
Nisocoat 2, a new non-isocyanate acrylic coating, which offers similar technical performance to 2-pack polyurethane finishes, with none of the health and safety concerns associated with isocyanates is the newest product from HMG Paints Ltd, the UK's largest independent paint manufacturer. A tough, chemically-resistant topcoat, it is available in a complete range of BS, RAL, automotive and fleet colours, as well as a clearcoat gloss, with prompt delivery nationwide from HMG’s Manchester distribution centre and its network of independent distributors. It can be applied to virtually every metal, including machine tools, stainless and galvanised steel, a variety of plastic substrates, such as UPVC and PU foam mouldings, even certain timbers, when used with the recommended HMG primer or sealer system.

HMG Nisocoat 2 is a non-isocyanate 2k topcoat formulation for the professional finisher and refinisher, who wants a fast-drying, applicator-friendly, wear- and abrasion-resistant paint system, that gives an excellent finish straight from the spray gun, but where the use of traditional isocyanate technology is precluded. For smaller industrial users currently using single-pack epoxies and machinery enamels, OEM’s needing a handy touch-up paint at the end of a production line, and the growing number of companies who find it harder to satisfy strict COSHH regulations related to the safe use of isocyanates, this is the perfect solution.

HMG Paints' team of technical representatives can provide product demonstrations and troubleshooting advice for customers, as well as guidance on suitable Nisocoat 2 applications, and is highly impressed by the product.

“I have tried out Nisocoat 2 quite extensively and found it to be the best on the market,” . “It has a high solids content, gives a superior gloss finish and is very operator friendly. HMG’s R&D laboratory has used the latest generation of resins and formulated the product for improved atomising, which gives it optimum spraygun application.”

Isocyanate-cured polyurethane finishes are used for a wide spectrum of industrial and automotive coating applications, because of their excellent gloss, hardness, adhesion and chemical resistance, as well as fast-drying properties that allow improved sprayshop productivity. However, exposure to isocyanates at both mixing and application stages can give rise to sensitisation and irritation of the respiratory system, so suitably designed spraybooths, appropriate PPE and respiratory protection, correct workplace procedures and regular operator training are mandatory. Current COSHH regulations require employers to prevent or adequately control exposure and, if these standards become too onerous or costly to comply with, then industry bodies like the British Coatings Federation recommend substituting 2-pack polyurethane with a less hazardous product.

That is precisely the role of isocyanate-free Nisocoat 2, since it withstands chemicals, solvents, water, corrosion and abrasion much like a 2k polyurethane, yet is much faster drying than the usual alternative of a single-pack epoxy. It is applied by conventional, HVLP or electrostatic spray and, whilst suitable air-fed respiratory equipment should be worn when spraying, it is non-hazardous when being mixed and can even be safely applied by brush. Nisocoat 2 is touch dry within 15 minutes, hard dry in 4 hours and attains its fully-cured properties in 7 days at ambient temperature, although force drying by oven or infra-red will reduce this substantially. It can be overcoated wet-on-wet and there are four standard gloss levels, down to matt and semi-matt, to suit differing user requirements.

“This is a highly versatile all-purpose topcoat that is suitable for many substrates and applications, is applicator friendly and much safer in use, which delivers most of the performance benefits of an isocyanate-cured polyurethane,” says HMG Managing Director, John Falder. “Nisocoat 2 is a product that should be included in most companies’ paint portfolios and, with same-day despatch from stock, we can ensure that people can get their hands on it fast.”

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