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Our newest and most exciting product launch that took place on April 1st 2015.

01/04/2015 09:45:58
Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know the mood of your Boss before entering the office? HMG Paints have the perfect solution. Introducing Mood Paint, the unique coatings uses 8 colours to indicate a person’s mood. The base coating is White & comes packed in to 2.5 litre tins ready to be applied to doors as a pre-warning for those entering the room.

The innovative high quality coating, has been developed by the companies R & D team and has great viscosity and opacity, and simple application properties. The new coating works by utilising advancements in electrostatic binders combined with new, lead-free pigments which allow for chromatic adaptation .The coating utilises biometrics to detect a person’s mood, the coating will then show if you are boiling with anger, giving a warning to people entering the room.

HMG Paints new mood paintThe main focus of the research and development was the actual choosing of the colours to reflect certain moods. After extensive research 8 colours and moods were chosen. Colour Lab Technician Philip Carey stated “Thanks to the new development of electrostatic paint application, we have created this amazing breakthrough coating: Biometric reactive colour changing paint! We’re looking forward to launch it on April 1st”

The 8 different moods/colours include – Angry – red, Happy – yellow, Stressed – Orange, Tired – black, Hungry - green ,Sad which is a blue hue along with some more unique emotions like Drunk – Pink & Hungover – purple. There are ongoing tests in to further colours and moods for the future. One of the places the product was tested was in the factories print room which sees very high foot flow. Shannon Williams, Print room administrator commented “It was interesting to see what moods people were in through the day, it was a great insight to people and their moods. I found my mood being influenced by the colour of the door.”

HMG’s Marketing Manager, Paddy Dyson expressed the advantages of this revolutionary paint. “This is a great warning indicator for at the office so you know what you’re dealing with for the day when entering the office of your colleagues or even at home”
The tins will come equipped with a colour guide showing which colours indicate which mood and orders are already beginning to be taken in our Sales order office so get them in now.

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