Hardener 9029 ZIP


An Isocyanate Hardener designed for use in recommended HMG Alkyd and Polyurethane Alkyd systems. 9029 will upgrade the performance characterstics of the system, including durability and time to touch dry may decrease by 10 - 20% dependant on paint system, film thickness and curing conditions. Mixing instructions also appear on the base component. Pot life is dependant on paint system.

Technical Properties


40 °C


Store between 5°C - 25°C. When not in use, cans must be kept sealed

Shelf Life

12 months from delivery date in original sealed containers

Maximum VOC Content

0.263 Kg/l


Not Applicable

Colour Range

Health & Safety

  • Refer to SDS and tin label prior to use.


21/02/2006 16:34:00

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