PVC17 Colours


A 1K Vinyl Acrylic with exceptional flexibility and adhesion. HMG PVC 17 is suitable for coating most PVCu, hard plastics (not GRP) and powder-coated surfaces (architectural cladding). If in doubt, a small trial should be carried out in a localised area to ensure adhesion and compatibility with the surface. PVC17 is not suitable for coating areas incorporating draught seals and gaskets.

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Data Sheets

Technical Properties


10 square metres per litre @ 25 microns dft


-9 °C


Store between 5°C - 25°C. When not in use, cans must be kept sealed

Shelf Life

12 months from delivery date in original sealed containers

Maximum VOC Content

0.745 Kg/l


2004/42 IIB (E) 840

Colour Range

Available in a wide colour range including RAL & BS and Automotive shades


Ensure surfaces to be coated are dry and must be cleaned using the appropriate HMG product to remove all traces of contaminants. HMG produce a full range of cleaners, silicone removers, degreasers and preparatory cleaners suitable for the cleaning process. Please refer to our website for Knowledge Base article Prep-Cleaning Techniques (KNB0009) and Preparatory Cleaners from the Product Guide.

Surface Preparation

Please refer to Knowledge Base for details on Surface Preparation. PVC curtain material and other flexible substrates are best coated after they have been aired, to ensure that any trapped plasticisers can escape. These need to be released/removed from the surface to ensure correct adhesion and drying of PVC 17. Failure to remove plasticiser will cause adhesion and drying problems. New PVC curtain material and other flexible substrates should be exposed to the atmosphere for at least 7 days to ensure optimum adhesion and drying performance. HMG produce Prep Clean 2805 & 2806 for use on new & old substrates

Health & Safety

  • Refer to SDS and tin label prior to use.
  • Suitable respiratory equipment should be worn when spraying.

Additional Information

**In cases where large areas are being sprayed and where the temperature is exceeding 25 degrees C, 2604 slow thinner may be used to increase wet edge time**


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