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Manchester's first ever pay-as-you-feel restaurant opens in Manchester with support from HMG Paints

12/09/2017 12:32:14
Voted one of the top 50 most influential people in Manchester, Corin Bell, brings global network, The Real Junk Food Project to Manchester. The “pay-as-you-feel” non-profit restaurant, including paint donated by Manchester based HMG Paints, sources food which would otherwise go to waste and creates nutritious meals to fulfil their mission to “feed bellies not bins”.

Fitting the company’s ethos, the restaurant is predominantly furnished using upcycled materials down to paint donated from HMG Paints. “So many Manchester based companies have supported us, it’s been overwhelming. HMG Paints have supported the project since our first potential medium term pop-up in 2015, and they’re still helping us out now, which is just fantastic” said Corin.

With shared ethos HMG Paints are similarly present within the Waste Industry being activists through the “Paint Care” scheme, launched by the British Coatings Federation (BCF) in 2015, which primarily helps to solve the problem of leftover decorative paint in the UK. HMG are proactive in seeking out worthwhile projects to receive decorative coatings that would otherwise go to waste. Gracienne Ikin, HMG Paints Marketing and Communications Executive commented “After following Corin and the team in their amazing progress for the last couple of years, it’s fantastic to see their passion and hard work really paying off. HMG are humbled to be one of the great Manchester businesses who have pulled together to support Real Junk Food Manchester and stamp down on food waste and best before date stigma in the UK.”

Founded in Leeds, the project aims to diminish the stereotype of sell by and best before dates and food, we as consumers and organisations currently label as food waste. There are millions of people in the UK who are poverty stricken to the point where they cannot afford enough food to meet their nutritional needs. On the other hand, 15 million tonnes of food is wasted each year in the UK. Using an inclusive model for all demographics, The Real Junk Food Project, including the recently opened Manchester restaurant, serve nutritious food, diverted from food businesses such as supermarkets and wholesalers which would otherwise go to waste, for anyone and everyone, whilst educating the public on how we as a society can reduce the environmental impact of food waste. “We’re so excited after a few delays to finally be opening Manchester’s first waste food pay-as-you-feel restaurant” said Corin Bell, Director, Real Junk Food Manchester.

Since 2014 Real Junk Food Manchester has thrived with successful events in pop-up locations helping to bring the community together and offering support to those who are in need. Thanks to successful crowdfunding, the project now has a longer-term location on Manchester’s busy Oxford Street and hopes to create more awareness with plans to keep moving the restaurant around the city.

With a daily changing menu, Manchester’s first food waste, pay-as-you-feel restaurant is now open at 85 Oxford Street, M1 6EQ and will be serving breakfast and lunch, five days a week along with ethical coffee from Second City Coffee, and evening events in the next few months.

Visit for more information on Real Junk Food Manchester and visit to find out more about the Paint Care initiative.

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