High Opacity Lead Free Colourants added to Unit Lite Mixing Scheme


New additions to our Unit Lite Tinting Scheme

15/08/2018 09:30:16
HMG Paints has further expanded its innovative Unit Lite mixing scheme with the addition of two brand new lead-free High Opacity Colourants. A high opacity Green Shade Yellow and Red Shade Yellow are now available to HMG’s diverse customer base and distributor network.

The two new colourants are replacements for lead containing colourants, and a host of new formulas have been added utilising the high opacity colourants. However, the change to lead free colourants doesn’t equal a drop-in performance as seen in many other systems on the market.

“Following an intense research and development project we were able to provide a lead-free replacement without compromising on quality.” Commented Steve Hutton, HMG Colour Manager. “These two new additions have high pigment loading that produces superior colour opacity and high lightfastness rating, meaning increased resistance to fading or colour change due to exposure to sunlight or an artificial light source.”

Even before pressure from legislation HMG has championed the use of lead free colourants, however the market has always been reluctant to change, especially in historically poor covering colours such as reds and yellows. These new colourants allow users to switch with confidence and further benefit from the over 250,000 colour formulations available via the Unit Lite mixing scheme and ColourBase formulation software, including BS, RAL and commercial vehicle shades.

The company’s UNIT LITE mixing scheme is a standalone tinting system, which offers HMG and its nationwide distributors a virtually unlimited colour palette for all order sizes, across an extensive range of high performance HMG base coatings.

Packed into 2.5 litre cans and ready for use on a standard mixing machine. Unit Lite comprises around twenty solid tinters, five aluminium tinters for metallic finishes, and five unique reduced-strength colourants, for more accurate tinting of pale and pastel shades.

Unit Lite is a highly flexible tinting system, covering topcoats, basecoats, undercoats and primers, as well as a variety of sheen levels, textures and finishes. The scheme is also used across a host of industries including Industrial, Commercial Vehicle, Agriculture and Construction Equipment and many more.

For more information on the new colourants or the Unit Lite mixing scheme visit: www.hmgpaint.com

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