HMG colour matching for a Galaxy Far Far Away


09/07/2019 11:38:22
When it comes to colour HMG Paints are renowned for their expertise, however this time they’ve taken their work to another galaxy. The company has worked with model maker Guy Cowen to develop a new colour range based on hues used in the production of the original Star Wars movie.
The new Archive-X range of colours, available from, has been inspired by the colours available in 1977 for the original production team. The range has already attracted a vast amount of interest and generated pre-orders from the studio scale model community as well as from film production studios.

“I’ve been searching for an exact colour match for my new Millennium Falcon model for a number of years and wasn’t very optimistic about the odds of success, so I contacted HMG.” said Guy, whose models include studio scale X-Wings and TIE Interceptors. “The job that HMG did was fantastic, and it inspired me to develop my own range of products with the hues used from the original trilogy. The Archive-X range will make many hobbyists very happy; we’ve been searching for these colours for some time.”

The Manchester based manufacturer has a rich history of working within the model hobbyist and movie industry and has previously supplied coatings for the Alien franchise and Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists along with other blockbuster hits, so colour matching for this project was no menace.

“We’re delighted that we’ve been able to help Guy with this project and the colour matching of such iconic colours, the details in his models is incredible and we’re proud that HMG products will be appearing on his and other hobbyists stunning creations.” commented Phil Carey, HMG Colour Technician.

The project is a culmination of a lifelong passion for Guy which has seen countless hours of research into the exact products and hues used in the production of the films. “I’ve loved working with the HMG team on this project and we’re really proud of the range, being able to match the hues is only possible thanks to their unique pigments and formulations.” The new range is available to purchase from and will be available in 30ml sizes.
For more information on Archive X please contact Guy Cowen:

Tel: +447900916300
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Gracienne Ikin or Stephen Dyson
HMG Paints Communications or
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Archive-x Star Wars Paint Colours Pacakgaing

Archive-x Boba Fett Star Wars Paint Colours Pacakgaing

Archive-x Boba Fett Helmet Star Wars Paint Colours Pacakgaing

Archive-x Boba Fett Helmet with damage Star Wars Paint Colours Pacakgaing

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