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Family firms across the UK are the very heart of the nation and as a family firm ourselves we are delighted to be taking part in National Family Business Day 2020.

23/09/2020 11:02:15
business sector, businesses at the very heart of the nation and across all sectors of the economy too. Every part of life on a daily business is supported by family firms from the food and drink we consume, to the places we visit, the hotels we stay in, the homes we live in and the products that we use such as cars, hospitals and gyms. This diverse sector deserves to be recognised and National Family Business Day is a great way to put the sector on the map.”

As Paul continues, “Family firms have a story to tell, a real narrative borne out of families working in business together, creating a legacy that will hopefully endure for generations. It is this that makes family businesses special along with the underlying values such as passion, drive, integrity and desire to do the right thing time and time again. 2020 has not been the easiest of years and a day focusing on the family business sector will provide a great opportunity to show our support for the sector.”

As a family-owned business, HMG Paints founded in 1920 are now the UK’s largest independent Paint Manufacturer, and proud to support Family Business Day 2020, but there are also many other families within the business. “The people of HMG are what makes HMG the company it is. We are extremely proud that generations of families have worked at HMG Paints. It is very true that we are custodians of the business for the next generation who are going to create something better,” commented Managing Director John Falder. “I believe the young people that we invest in today will go on to have long careers and lead HMG Paints in the future and will have a significant impact upon the business.”

Rebecca Falder, fifth generation of the Falder family to work in the business also commented, “We are very proud to be a business family not a family business. Our principles of ‘decent, worthwhile and secure’ run throughout the business and will be key as we work to grow HMG for another 90 years whilst having a positive impact on the economy but also on our local community.”

As Paul concludes, “FBU is all about the family business sector and it is a real privilege to champion family firms each and every day. Family firms are special, they are the backbone of the UK economy and will be for generations to come and we look forward to showcasing the diversity of the sector on National Family Business Day this year.”

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